MTech in Electrical Power Systems

M.Tech in Electrical Power Systems introduces the students to the power distribution and transmission systems, and the components involved in the protection and stability in the network grid. Power distribution and transmission are studied in an analytical, numerical and experimentally innovative environment. This course introduces the students to the state-of-the-art technologies relating to power system flow analysis, condition monitoring of components, high voltage engineering and EMC and it also provides professional knowledge in power generation, transmission, and distribution. Students of this course are introduced to techniques in power system analysis, stability evaluation planning, reliability and forecasting. This programme deals with issues at the intersection of Electric Power, Economics and Management of power In the future, it is expected that the electrical energy production area and the belonging network grid structure will change. It is expected that an increased amount of dispersed renewable generation units will be connected to the network grid at the distribution level. At the same time the transmission level will also be in focus.