Oracle WDP Center

97 percent of the Fortune 500 companies run on Oracle solutions. Oracle is not only database or Java technology – Oracle offers comprehensive courses on cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems. There are number of courses to choose from. Oracle University provides digital learning courses. The Student Learning Subscriptions curriculum offers a self-paced learning to quickly grasp the technology area that they are undertaking to advance their career. Oracle Student Learning Subscription consists of an all digital learning experience with lab exercises specifically designed to help students acquire the real-world knowledge and skills that are in such high demand in the IT industry. With certification through Oracle, chances of landing your dream job improve, students become more marketable. Oracle WDP center at Holy Mary is opened by Mr Raja Das Guptha, Head – WDPC India.

Learn Oracle and Get Ahead in Your Career

Oracle’s Workforce Development (WDP) Center enables you to offer authorized Oracle training content as a part of your existing certificate, diploma, and degree programs.

Enrolling in Oracle courses will provide you with

  • High quality course content that is developed by the Oracle product teams and based on real-world customer implementations.
  • Comprehensive, lab-based, hands-on practice with Oracle software & hardware.
  • Discounted pricing for training through your educational institution Validate Your Skills with an


Validate Your Skills with an Oracle Certification and Save

An Oracle Certification can really give you the boost you need in your career by helping you stand out and show your dedication to your career development. Get Discounts on your Oracle Certification exam – ask your Partnering educational institution how or contact Oracle University directly.

Why Get Oracle Certified

  • Differentiate Yourself: 86% of hiring managers surveyed say that IT certifications are a “medium” to “high” priority during the candidate evaluation process.
  • Advance your Career: 74% of professionals surveyed indicated that certifications led to promotions, new jobs or pay raises.
  • Earn More: Java and Oracle Database OCM certifications among the most profitable IT certifications


Get Immediate Benefits and Results

  • Find Work – Lots of contractor/consultant jobs and projects seeking people with Oracle certifications.
  • Work Online – Employers and contractors from 150 countries use the Elance workrooms in the cloud to collaborate on jobs.
  • Get Paid – Fast and secure payments in the cloud using Elance escrow and automated billing