Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering at Holy Mary Institute of Technology & Science was established in the year 2004 with sanctioned intake of 60. Gradually it increased to 180 upon strengthening of the superior facilities such as qualified faculty with sophisticated and advanced lab facilities.

Department Objective
To create employable and entrepreneurial engineers with academic excellence, positive attitude, communication & interpersonal skills, good character, self confidence and leadership qualities and who are useful to the Family, Society and Nation. Also it is aimed for continuous development of faculty personality.

To be a world leader and renowned for mechanical engineering and research.

          M1: To educate students in undergraduate and post graduate level in basic principles in the field of mechanical engineering.
          M2: To train students of different levels to think independently for a self learning habit.
          M3: To inculcate a work culture of mastering systematic approach leading to logical thinking and problem solving methodology.
          M4: To create keen awareness of the role in leadership skills and managing people in modern society in engineering field.