Placements 2018-19    HITS Presentation    Tuition Fee Circular

Recognized by UGC under section 2(f) & 12(B).

MEC faculty

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Dr. B.S. Reddappa Professor & HOD
2 Dr. S. Jayakrishna Professor
3 Dr. E. Daniel Francis Professor
4 Dr. S. Ugender Professor
5 Dr. R. Jothi Murugan Professor
6 Dr. V. Suresh Professor
7 Mr. K. Pitchi Reddy Asst.Prof
8 Ms. K. Vijayasree Assoc.Prof
9 Mr. P. Vijayanand Assoc.Prof
10 Mr. B. Malsoor Assoc.Prof
11 Mr. A. Saiteja Assoc.Prof
12 Mr. Adesh Bhil Asst.Prof
13 Mr. Ayub Ashwak Asst.Prof
14 Ms. B. Charitha Asst.Prof
15 Ms. M. Deepika Asst.Prof
16 Mr. B. Harish Raj Asst.Prof
17 Mr. M. Sharanya Teja Asst.Prof
18 Mr. Mallesh Jakanur Asst.Prof
19 Mr. V. Mallikarjuna Assoc.Prof
20 Mr. V.B. Manjunath Asst.Prof
21 Mr. M. Leela Ramesh Asst.Prof
22 Mr. Ishwar Rohan Asst.Prof
23 Mr. Sangamesh B Herakal Asst.Prof
24 Mr. Santosh Bagewadi Asst.Prof
25 Mr. V. Mahesh Kumar Reddy Asst.Prof
26 Mr. Mohammed Fareed Asst.Prof
27 Mr. T. Ramesh Asst.Prof
28 Mr. V. Hatiram Asst.Prof
29 Mr. G. Raju Asst.Prof